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Hi, I’m Jessica Northey, Multimedia Journalist and Founder of Content Culture News, a news resource from content experts and community for startups and public figures. Let me tell you a little about my journey. My story begins with my mother’s hope for a better future for us mixed with a hunger to live her life to the fullest. She inspired me throughout my life to have a spirit of adventure and to see the world as a place full of hope and endless opportunities.

My most significant memory of overcoming the challenge of being knocked down was after the day of September 11, 2001. My world stopped that day. Soon after, advertising budgets were pulled, clients disappeared and so did my graphic design position working for an advertising agency. Then soon after losing my mother to an illness, I attempted college to only realize how expensive it was so I decided to enlist in the United States Army. Through the challenges, I became stronger and more determined to hold tight to hope for a better future for myself. I began to dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

Years later, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in business, winning eight awards, a master’s of arts degree in new media journalism, to working with CEOs of various companies as a multimedia producer. Now I want to help startups directly. Let me tell you about our community resources and services. 

Are you frustrated with your company’s digital content efforts that aren't leading to sales? Is keeping up with technology challenging for you? If so, our content news community provides the tools for developing quality content, public relations strategies, and how to share a brand story to increase your customer base in less time. Build the DNA of your content strategy with purpose.

We empower entrepreneurs through encouragement and exclusive interviews of content experts to help businesses increase their market reach. Content starts with the spark you feel inside to share who you are with the world, this is your personal brand. We are all a part of the culture of content creation. Each one of you on social media is subjected to an entire virtual world of content – it is our culture. Our news articles, online courses, and exclusive content provide a well-rounded view of how your content marketing is key to successful marketing campaigns. 

Why it matters 

According to National Business Capital & Services article, the average startup in America fails 21.5% of the time within the first year and jumps to 30% the second year. By the time five years pass, half of the startups quit or fail. This is due to various reasons and the rates differ depending on the industry, however, the sentiment is the same. 

To increase your market reach, you’ll have to do the work but you won’t have to do it alone. Join our community of content experts and other entrepreneurs to learn the secrets to content strategies for startups and public figures below.

We're here to encourage others to take back their dreams, to hold them tight to their heart. Imagine filling your life with adventure and hope of living your dreams. Most of us have thought through our entire lives that we’re not powerful, but we are each capable of so much more. 

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Gain direct access to content experts to increase your content marketing strategy's return on investment in less time. 

Unshakable Content Marketing: Become 100% Secure With Your Content Marketing Strategy. You have to do the work but you don’t have to do it alone. Short cut trail-and-error and skip right to producing for the next level of results. 

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Potentially gain future creative project gigs through featured articles, webinars, and downloadable freebies. 

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